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Privacy Policy


MidiX sells tickets for various events.

Collection of Personal Information

MidiX collects personal information in connection with the purchase of event tickets and also when you contact us via email or Facebook.

Use of Personal Information

MidiX stores personal information and uses it in accordance with applicable laws. This means that MidiX protects personal information stored in the system and you always have the right to contact MidiX to get information about what personal data is stored about you. This policy explains how MidiX processes your personal information when you use the system.

MidiX handles the personal information you provide in connection with the use of the system or how you contact us. Information may include, for example, name, email address, phone number, home address, or other information you provide when purchasing tickets or in other interactions with MidiX.

Why Does MidiX Use Personal Information?

Your personal information is used by MidiX to enable the following:

  • Fulfilling our commitments to you, such as allowing you to retrieve your tickets, recover lost tickets, etc.
  • Receiving and processing card and smart payments.
  • Improving the purchasing process and other services.
  • Maintaining a good customer relationship in your interactions with MidiX.
  • Handling ticket purchase refunds.

Who Has Access to Your Personal Information?

Personal information is processed by MidiX staff. Unless there is a legal obligation to disclose personal information, it will not be handed over to other parties. MidiX never discloses or sells personal information for marketing purposes to third parties. Anyone with access to the data is obliged to process it only in accordance with GDPR law no. 90/2018.

How Long Is Personal Information Stored?

MidiX stores your personal information as long as necessary to fulfill existing obligations at any given time.


MidiX takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal information that is processed. The actions provide security in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and are appropriate considering:

  • The available technical possibilities.
  • The cost of implementing the measures.
  • The specific risks associated with the processing of personal information.
  • The sensitivity of the personal information.

Updating the Privacy Policy

MidiX regularly updates this privacy policy and the latest version is always available on MidiX.

Contact Information

MidiX ehf.
ID: 510220-1370
Bank Account: 0515-26-011370
Address: Skútuvogi 3, 104 Reykjavík
Phone: 567-88048

This privacy policy is effective from January 1, 2024.