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Eternal Roots Soundystem: Radikal Guru, 15 Years Of Moonshine Recordings

Eternal Roots Soundystem: Radikal Guru, 15 Years Of Moonshine Recordings

02/03/2024 22:00
Radar, Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavík

Eternal Roots Soundsystem meets Moonshine Recordings - the most popular Polish label with dub and dubstep music to celebrate their 15th years!

One of Moonshine Recordings' flagship artists - Radikal Guru and founder of the Moonshine label - Mack will fill up Radar venue with their best productions and dub plates.
Proper warm up will be provided by Reggae Fever (IS) and ZimaJah (PL) with dub selection.
Closing set in a jungle style by Tranquil (IS).
Line up:
Radikal Guru (PL)
Mack Moonshine (PL)
Reggae Fever (IS)
Zimajah (PL)
Tranquil (IS)

All tribes welcome!!
is a notable figure in the world of dub and bass music. He is a Polish dub and electronic music producer, DJ, and musician who has gained recognition for his unique blend of dub, reggae, and bass-heavy electronic sounds. His artistic contributions have significantly enriched the dub music landscape and have earned him a dedicated following among fans of the genre.
Radikal Guru, whose real name is Mateusz Miller, was born in Poland and grew up with apassion for music. He was particularly drawn to the sounds of dub and reggae, which he later incorporated into his own productions. He established himself as a prominent artist with his deep, meditative, and bass - driven tracks that pay homage to the roots of dub music while infusing modern electronic elements.
One of Radikal Guru's defining traits is his ability to fuse traditional dub elements with contemporary electronic production techniques. His music often features heavy basslines, reverberating echoes, and intricate soundscapes that capture the essence of classic dub music while pushing its boundaries. His compositions resonate with both longtime dub enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre, thanks to their immersive
and dynamic qualities.
Throughout his career, Radikal Guru has released numerous sing les, EPs, and albums on labels like Moonshine Recordings, where his music
has found a fitting home within the dubstep and bass music scene. His releases showcase his versatility as a producer, from upbeat and energetic
tracks to more introspective and meditative tunes, all united by his signature dub-infused sound.
Radikal Guru's contributions to the global dub and bass music communities have earned him recognition as an influential artist. His music has not only captured the attention of listeners but has also become a staple in the sets of DJs and performers around the world. His commitment to crafting authentic and compelling dub music has solidified his position as a respected figure in the genre, and he continues to shape and evolve the dub sound with his innovative creations
The polish DJ and promoter - Mack Moonshine - has been active on the underground electronic music scene for over 15 years.
He started deejaying on the freetekno scene around 2003, and in 2007 he launched Mash-up Records -a vinyl record store focused on
bass music. In 2009 he founded Moonshine Recordings, and two years later its sister label New Moon Recordings. Thanks to quality releases by such great names as Radikal Guru, RSD, DJ Madd, Truth or Biome both labels soon received worldwide recognition and support from some of the scenes biggest names. 10 years later, Moonshine has become one of the scenes foremost providers of forward thinking, sound
system music. If you take under consideration all sub labels, white labels and collaborations, he was responsible for almost 100 vinyl releases between 2009 and 2019 including producers and vocalists from the furthest corners of the globe - from New Zealand and Australia, to Brazil and the USA - just to name a few.