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Volume: Marco Bailey, Eyvi, Samwise, Stefán

Volume: Marco Bailey, Eyvi, Samwise, Stefán

20/04/2024 22:00
Radar, Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavík

Marco Bailey mætir á Radar 20. apríl, um það 15 árum eftir að hafa gert allt vitlaust hér á Íslandi á kvöldi í den.

Marco Bailey -
Icon. Living legend. Both definitions that apply to Marco Bailey, a selftaught dj and producer whose career started to develop in the late 80s after attending a local club in his native Belgium, and being completely seduced by the rhythmic power of dance music. That was when all changed. A first approach that triggered the decision to be behind decks instead of the dancefloor. And since then, he has committed his life to music.

Three decades later, he’s known as an artist constantly pushing techno to its next level, this by producing his own tracks, managing his first own
label MB Elektronics (established in 2001), and of course, by travelling all around the world to make people dance and go crazy with his flawless
technique and impeccable selection. When a night is in need of a dose of powerful beats and a deep-intense atmosphere, his’ is the name that
needs to be summoned. And this is exactly how over the years he has landed in cities far away from his hometown, with Nairobi (Africa), Tokyo
(Japan), Beijing (China), Los Angeles + New York (USA), Sydney (Australia) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) just as a -very- few examples.
Yes, it is fair to say the globe has lived the Marco Bailey experience on each cardinal point.

One of Reykjavíks most respected DJ and audio connoisseur Eyvi comes with a load of quality track selections, after years of digging for tracks and crafting the finest sets.  The Volume resident 

The Volume resident Samwise brings his signature minimal tech/psytech sound to the booth: dark saw waves, bouncy basslines and driving energy will be the the flavour for his set."

If it’s no nonsense raw techno, Stefan is the one to cook the most straightforward sets of slamming energy.  Having collaborated with STRECK in Sweden, alongside well received releases, he’s is a quality act through and through.